Easter Crafts in 2nd Class

Pupils in 2nd class used recycled paper, a balloon, glue and crepe paper to create these wonderful papier mache Easter eggs.


Drawing Mountain Landscapes

3rd class drew these beautiful mountain landscapes recently

St. Patrick's Day Crafts in 2nd Class

Pupils in second class were busy constructing these leprechaun masks and spiralling snakes recently.


Embossing in 2nd Class

As part of our stories of Irish myths and legends in 2nd class, pupils took the theme of Tír na nÓg as the inspiration for their art. The boys and girls had a wonderful time exploring the craft of embossing. They glued wool to cardboard squares and covered this in tin foil. After smoothening down the foil they saw how the shape of the wool came through and they painted in between the lines.

5th/6th One Point Perspective Art

Taking inspiration from the works of Leonardo da Vinci and his contribution to added dimension and perspective, the children created their own One Point Perspective Drawing, using a horizon line and a vanishing point.

We discussed form and shape 2D and 3D. We developed an awareness of line and form , rhythm, pattern and space. We focused on vertices and edges and parallel and perpendicular lines in our drawings.

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